The Curse of Canaan, A Demonology of History
Ezra Pound, the ultimate researcher of the unknown and hidden
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Khazarian Smokescreen in the Caucasus
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The Curse of Canaan, A Demonology of History

The Curse of Canaan, A Demonology of History

Recently a video interview was conducted, titled "The Neo-Zionist Order", where Mullins, with incredable insight and knowlegde, connects essential dots, with updates into the present day situation.

The Curse of Canaan, by Eustace Mullins is an astounding book which presents long forgotten history in a concise and efficient way and connects it to todays movements of Cabala en Freemasonry. Sadly enough the book doesn't have a Index, but while reading, references are mentioned. Here's how Mullins describes the creation of the Talmud, the Zorah and the Cabala:

page 40-43:
  "Oriental despotism has become especially predominant in all of our
   legal proceedings, the "court"[5] where the despot rules, the symbolic
   bow, or standing, when the despot comes into the room, and the
   refusal of the despot to brook any questioning of his decision by a
   citizen [5a], who can approach the judge only through an anointed
   priesthood, the legal profession[6][7]. Some Americans optimistically
   decide to come into court representing themselves, which the People
   of Shem provided for specifically in their Constitution of the
   United States, but judges usually give such "attorneys pro se"
   short shrift.

   In states such as Virginia, where Masonic power rules the courts, 
   judges have been known to boast that no attorney pro se will ever 
   get a favorable decision in their court. A non-Mason who enters an 
   American court today is placing himself at the mercy of an Oriental 
   despot, hence the tyrannical actions of judges in sentencing to 
   indeterminate prison sentences anyone who happens to displease 
   them, or whose property is coveted by a Mason.

   This Oriental type of despotism can be traced back to Zoroaster in
   Persia, to Ishtar and Tammuz in Babylon, to the graeco-Thracian
   Mysteries at Eleusis, the Mysteries of Demeter, Persephone, and
   Dionysus; to Cybele and Altis in Phrygia; to Aphrodite and Adonis
   in Syria; to Isis ans Osiris in Egypt; and to Mithra in Persia [8].

   These Mystery cults were formally combined into much of the text of
   the Babylonian Talmud, a book of religious precepts which had been
   formulated after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar
   took his people to Babylon as captives from 586 to 537 B.C., after
   which Cyrus of Persia captured Babylon and authorized the return to
   Jerusalem. During the Babylonian captivity, there was a free
   admixture of the various Canaanite tribes; the Edomites
   intermarried with the Canaanite branch of Judahites and others.
   Edom means red; ever since the Captivity, red has meant revolution
   and Canaanite massacre of the innocents. The Rothschild's, when they
   backed the formation of the Illuminati, changed their name from
   Bauer to Roth (red) schild (shield). This inter-mixture of various
   strains caused a great deal of confusion among the offspring as to
   what their customs should be. To resolve this difficulty, the
   captives began to compile a great book of religious teachings.

   Talmud means "teaching" in Hebrew. By the second century A.D., the
   Talmud had been completed as oral law, the Mishnah, or older part,
   and the Gemara, or commentary on the law. It first appeared in
   print in 1520, when Daniel Bomberg published it in Venice [4].

   Because of its origins in the demon-worshiping capital of the
   world, Babylon, demonology plays an important part throughout the
   text of the Talmud. It refers to the Demiurge, or Chief Demon, as
   the Creator of the Universe, and it defines the various appearances
   of demons as (1) mazzikem; (2) shedim; (3) ruhot (Avot. 5-6).
   Asmodeus is listed as the King of the Demons (Pes. 110a-112b).

   The Mishnah taught in the second century B.C. that two things
   should never be revealed to the public, or the uninitiated: (1) the
   work of creation, and (2) the work of the chariot (meaning esoteric
   operations, the "Divine Throne"). These precepts later became
   further formalized in the secret rites of Freemasonry.

The Masonic G ?
   In 1280 A.D., a further development of Talmudic thought, the Zohar,
   or Book of Splendour, appeared. This was known as the Cabal, or
   tradition. It was based on two things: (1) generation, or the
   fertility rites, as the most sacred word in the new instructions
   (which, of course, also became the "G" featured in Masonic
   symbols), and (2) the precept that Israel alone is to possess the
   future world (Vayschleh folio 177b).

   The Zohar derived from the Sefer Yetsirah, or Book of Creation,
   which had appeared in the Babylon of the third century; the ten
   Sephiroth or numbers, based on the belief that the universe derives
   from the ten numbers and two letters of the Hebrew alphabet; this
   later was developed into the twenty-two trumps of Tarot, or the
   twenty-two Paths which lead to Sephotorth.

   In Cabala(*)[9], evil takes on a mysterious existence of its own, 
   which its precepts trace back to the physical appearance of life on 
   earth, or Adam.  Cabala claims that Adam throws the entire stream 
   of life out of balance, and that the Church, or Christianity, by 
   formalizing the physical existence of the Adamite people on earth, 
   have become a problem which must be resolved.  This is the essence 
   of the basic anti-life principle underlying all Cabala and its 
   heir, Freemasonry. These precepts declare that Satanism will 
   achieve its final triumph over the Church and Christianity, thus 
   ending the "dualism" of this world, the struggle between good and 
   evil. In short, the problem of good and evil will be ended when 
   evil triumphs and good is eliminated from the earth.  This program 
   may sound somewhat simplistic, but it is the basic premise of the 
   Cabala and Freemasonry.

   These anti-life precepts are now to be encountered, and dealt with, 
   in many of the developments of our civilization. The descendants of 
   the Canaanites instinctively hate and actively oppose such progress 
   as technology, urban life, industrialism, and the cultural 
   achievements of humanity. Their basic goal is to return earth to 
   the primitivism of its pre-Adamic state, when a Neanderthal type of 
   human roamed at will over an earth which had no "civilized" aspects 
   to remind him of his primitivism. The end purpose is to "restore" 
   pre-Adamic man, so that Adamite man, as a creation of God, no 
   longer presents an obstacle to Satan and his rule over this world. 
   Thus cabbalistic Freemasonry aims for the extermination of life [12][13]
   as we know it, culminating in the final triumph of the Canaanite Curse 
   on this earth. In retrospect this amazing observation offers an 
   irrefutable reason for the otherwise inexplicable massacres, wars, 
   and human devastation which have been regularly visited upon a 
   long-suffering humanity by the Canaanite conspirators.

   (*) Cabala appears in various spellings through history, principally
    "Cabala." Also Kabbalah, Kabala, etc."

page 64:
  "Continuous damage is done to the entire economy by the existence
   of a small, supersecret group which controls all advancement in
   business and the professions, which control the issuance of bank
   loans, entering into a publishing business such as books,
   magazines, or newspapers, operating a radio and television station,
   chartering a bank, and many avenues of trade.

   Parents always want the best possible future for their children,
   making great sacrifices to put them through school and to send them
   to college. They never realize that without the "Open Sesame" of
   the Masonic Order, their children are condemned to be hewers of
   wood and drawers of water, that they can never hope to earn any
   large sums or to make advancements in their field. Everything is
   already pre-empted by the Canaanites for their own kind.  Only the
   children of the conspiratorial elite will be admitted to the best
   schools, be offered the best jobs, and live the good life. For the
   rest of America, the party is over."

[1] "The Curse of Canaan, A Demonology of History"
by Eustace Mullins
, Copyright (c)1987 Eustace Mullins
Product Details:
ISBN: none
Format: Hardcover, 242pp
Pub. Date: February 1987
Publisher: REVELATION BOOKS, P.O. Box 11105 Staunton, VA 24401

The Curse of Canaan (Paperback)
by Eustace Mullins
Product Details:
Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: Fix America Books (March 5, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0978651715
ISBN-13: 978-0978651718

by Jonas Doberman

[3] Books by Eustace Mullins

[4] The Babylonian Talmud
translated by MICHAEL L. RODKINSON

Book 10 (Vols. I and II) [1918] The History of the Talmud

[5] "Supreme Injustice : How the High Court Hijacked Election 2000"
by Alan M. Dershowitz

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (November 14, 2002)
Language: English
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Fully Informed Jury Association / American Jury Institute [5a] Fully Informed Jury Association / American Jury Institute
PO Box 5570 Helena,
MT 59604-5570
Tel: 1-406-442-7800
Fax: 1-406-442-9332
Email: aji(at)

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009
Hour 1: Guest: Iloilo Jones
Iloilo joins the show to discuss jury nullification.
Hour 2: Continuing, John and Iloilo discuss many cases
and circumstances where U.S. citizens are wrongfully
accused and convicted.

[6] "Defrauding America, 4th ed. Volume One : A Trojan Horse Legacy"
by Rodney Stich, former federal agent

Paperback: 557 pages
Publisher: Diablo Western Press (December 28, 2005)
Language: English
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[7] "Defrauding America, 4th Ed. Volume Two : A Trojan Horse Legacy"
by Rodney Stich, former federal agent

Paperback: 430 pages
Publisher: Diablo Western Press (December 28, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 0932438199

"Sabotage by My Own Lawyers Vol. One page 34
   Las Vegas lawyer Joshua Landish, hired to protect my[Rodney Stich] 
assets, proceeded to sabotage me. He did not notify me that there was a 
court hearing on September 28, 1987, for the personal bankruptcy case. 
This hearing was on a motion by lawyer Estelle Mannis (Oakland, CA) for 
mortgage holder Robil, Inc., and Superior Home Loans, both of Hayward, 
California, to obtain relief from the automatic stay so they could 
foreclose on several of my properties.47 They filed this motion 
immediately after Judge Jones rendered a decision refusing to accept 
jurisdiction and ordering removal of the lis pendens, permitting me to 
refinance the mortgage and pay it off.
   Disregarding the absence of jurisdiction to hear the motion because 
of the refusal to accept jurisdiction, that hearing to remove the 
automatic stay had to be limited to that issue and to the 
personal Chapter 11 case, which contained only a small part of 
the $10 million in assets. Nothing could be addressed concerning the 
corporate filing that contained most of the $10 million in 
assets. Judge Jones' decision refusing to accept jurisdiction has not 
been vacated (even to this date). There was no jurisdiction to render 
any further order, except to carry out the dismissal.  Robil knew that 
I would be able to refinance and pay off the mortgage loan due to them. 
They apparently wanted to foreclose and gain the benefit of the large 
equities behind the mortgage loans that they had on the properties.
   Unknown to me, the lawyer I hired to protect my interests, Joshua 
Landish, met secretly with my adversaries and planned to request Judge 
Jones to order seizure of my assets and conduct a fire-sale 
liquidation. In this way, Landish's legal fees would be much higher 
than if he simply acted to protect my interests.
   The official video tapes and transcripts of the court proceedings 
indicated that upon the start of the September 28, 1987 hearing, 
Landish requested Judge Jones to vacate his earlier order providing me 
relief. Landish requested that Judge Jones order the seizure of my 
business, my home, my assets, in both the personal and the corporate 
cases. This lawyer sabotage was gross misconduct by the lawyer hired to 
prevent that seizure, and violated my constitutional ans statutory 
rights to a hearing to defend againts the seizure of my life's assets.

[8] "Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation"
by Michael Tsarion, ancient occult researcher

Paperback: 440 pages
Publisher: Angels at Work Publishing, Santa Clara (2004)
Language: English
ISBN: none
The Destruction Of Atlantis [Michael Tsarion]
The Origins of Evil [Michael Tsarion]

[9] "The Illuminati(R) Vol.II, THE ANTICHRIST CONSPIRACY",
a film by Chris Everard
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[10] "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve - The London Connection"
by Eustace Mullins

Paperback : 227 pages
Publisher: Bankers Research Institute (1985)
Language: English

[11] "The Neo-Zionist Order, Who Rules your Rulers"
video interview with Eustace Mullins
, 1 hr 38 min 40 sec - 14-Oct-2006
Produced by AOH Productions,

The Population Control Agenda, Stanley K. Monteith, M.D. The Population Control Agenda, Stanley K. Monteith, M.D. [12] "The Population Control Agenda"
by Dr. Stanley K. Monteith, M.D.
P.O. Box 1835
Soquel, CA 95073

[13] "None Dare Call It Genocide"
by Dr. Stanley K. Monteith, M.D.

Radio Liberty Conference (c)2004

Ezra Pound, the ultimate researcher of the unknown and hidden.

On Tue., Oct 3, 2006, Eustace Mullins was interviewed by Michael Collins Piper on the Republican Broadcasting Network where some of the existing controvercy around Ezra Pound was clarified: Hr1 Hr2. Eustace Mullins declared that although hospitalized inside Elizabeth's he never took any medication, and was in perfectly good health, both physical and mental. This was confirmed to me by Eustace Mullins on Wed. Oct 4, 2006, during a short telephone call. The rumors that Ezra Pound was somehow connected to the occult, were just part of a smear operation. The best proof for that is the book which Mullins wrote about Pound : "This Difficult Individual, Ezra Pound". It turns out to have been the most suppressed book, by Eustace Mullins, until this very day. So keep this short AFFIDAVIT by Eustace Mullins in mind, when reading this section.

Most people probably never heard about Ezra Pound. Maybe start reading
on . So who was this ignored man?

Ezra Pound was a brilliant poet, who told everyone he was an American, 
was an anti-Semite and supported Mussolini and fascism, but at the same 
time was against poverty and wars. Especially the war machinery of the 
USA, more specific what Eisenhower called the Military Industrial 
Complex. After WW II Ezra Pound was sentenced of treason and was put 
away for life inside Elizabeth's mental hospital for the insane in 
Washington D.C. .

However at the same time Ezra Pound was also the genius mind, mentor and 
promoter of very well known and famous writers like : Yeats, Eliot, 
Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, H.D., 
Marianne Moore, Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, Louis Zukofsky, Basil 
Bunting, George Oppen, Charles Olson.

So was Ezra Pound a very racist then? That's not an easy question. No I 
don't think he was a racist. Although he supported Mussolini, fascism, 
and even Hitler, as reported from his radio shows, Ezra Pound was 
against wars and violence. Quite a contradiction.  Ezra Pound was 
reported to have a minor character flaw and was sometimes extremely 
annoying and disturbing [2].

I think this man was with his mind always on a higher level, maybe 
always living in direct contact with his sub-conscience, hence was 
reported to be insane. His poems though were ground breaking. 

The most interesting promotion of a writer by Ezra Pound is Eustace 
Mullins. He wrote "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" after Pound told 
him to go work inside the Library of Congress and search for a criminal 
conspiracy behind the federal reserve [3],[10] : 

        How could Ezra Pound have known this?

Lately some researchers have found that Ezra Pound was somehow 
connected to the occult. Could he somehow have retrieved certain facts 
and evil plans which the evil occult organizations, (we today now all 
see exposed on the internet) have been planning and are currently being 
carried out by all these marionet government leaders all across the 
world, hence all working towards a New World Order?

As we all today know, these secret organizations like, the neo cons, 
illuminati, skull and bones etc. are all cults of death, hence occult 
entities. If Ezra Pound was somehow connected to the occult, could he 
also have been retrieving facts about the times and era when the Old 
testament was being written up by several Jewish Prophets? One of the 
books, written up by one of his last protege's, Eustace Mullins is 
called : "The Curse of Canaan".

Looking this up on wikipedia, we read : :

  "The Bible indicates that God cautioned the Israelites against the
   sexual depravities of the Canaanites and their fertility cult 
   (Leviticus 18:27). Thus the land of the Canaanites (specifically 
   the Amorites, Hivites, Hethites, Girgashites and Jebusites) was 
   deemed suitable for conquest by the Israelites partly on moral 
   grounds. Deuteronomy 20:16-17, one of the 613 mitzvot, prescribes 
   that no inhabitants of the cities of six Canaanite nations, the 
   same as mentioned in 7:1, minus the Girgashites, are to be left 

A book review about "The Curse of Canaan", called

by David Lethbridge

Commentary on
 "The Curse of Canaan"
 by Eustace Mullins 
 Revelation Books
 Staunton, Virginia, 1987

states :

  "6. Genocidal Conspiracy
   Mullins' claims:
   pp. 227-229. The US is groaning under the heel of Canaanite 
   parasites. Purpose of US government to financially support Soviet 
   pp. 233-235. The Canaanite conspiracy is to destroy American 
   industry, and drive farmers off their land. The Internal Revenue 
   Service (IRS) is their principal tool. There is a documented plan 
   to exterminate all the white people in the United States. The plan 
   is to announce an imminent attack. Everyone will be told to gather 
   in schools and auditoriums across the US. Only the whites will do 
   this, those of Canaanite extraction will be told to go home. Once 
   herded into the buildings the "people of Shem" are to be killed by 
   knives and hatchets in a ritual slaughter. Teams of specially 
   trained immigrants will be used as the killers. 
   pp. 240-242. God's promise and covenant is only for the children of 
   Israel (the white people of Shem) and not for the Canaanites, whom 
   God and Christ despised. People of Shem have been victims of 
   Canaanite massacres, but people of Shem are the true heirs to 
   Israel. God waits for the people of Shem to launch a new crusade to 
   regain the Holy Land. The people of Shem are being punished for not 
   following God's will. A decision must be made by the people of Shem 
   - if they don't carry out God's will they will be made nothing. 
   The claim that there is a Canaanite plan to kill all white 
   Americans is clearly inflammatory hate propaganda of the worst 
   kind, as is the advocacy of a Holy War against the "Canaanites." 
   Indeed, the entire purpose of this book is to create a feeling of 
   hatred and antipathy toward Jews, and a feeling of contempt against 
   people of color. "The Curse of Canaan" is a book of white racism 
   and anti-Jewish hatred."

Thats quite a conspiracy theory by Eustace Mullins, who most probably 
again was inspired and hinted by Ezra Pound to checkout this subject.  
So were Pound and Mullins right about that Zionist/Canaanite plan? 
Today we are seeing growing evidence that indeed a Zionist plot against 
the American people is carried out. Why don't we ask some New Orleans 
Citizens and local officials about how FEMA was helping out after 
Hurricane Katrina hit their city?

"FEMA Deliberately Sabotaging Hurricane Relief Efforts"

Ezra Pound on the abuse of executive powers during WWI and upto WWII. 
Nothing seems to have changed since G.W. Bush was installed into the 
White House. Pound was just one of very few who had correctly analyzed 
the situation and how to react.

The Curse inside Dictionaries.

How are wars started ? one may ask. One starts to write new legislation 
in such a way that your goals and agenda fit inside perfectly. This 
may go as far as redefining old words with a total different meaning 
inside new editions of the authorative dictionaries.

We have seen what happened to the word 'terrorist'. Now its time for 
the word 'pagan' :

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English,
by A.S. Hornby with the assistance of A.P. Cowie J. Windsor Lewis
(c)Oxford University Press 1974 1 2 :

pa-gan /`peig3n/ n, adj (person who is) not a
 believer in any of the chief religions of the world;
 (colloq) any person with no religious beliefs:
 They've brought up their children as ~s. `~.ism
 /-izm/ n beliefs, practices, of ~s.

Search Oxford Dictionaries Online from the web (c) 2006 :

  * noun a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the
    main world religions. 
  * adjective relating to pagans or their beliefs. 
  - DERIVATIVES paganism noun. 
  - ORIGIN Latin paganus 'rustic', later 'civilian' (i.e. a person who
    was not a 'soldier' in Christ's army).

Now thats quite a difference in what the word 'pagan' boils down to in 
practice! In the old days, 1970's, pagan was just someone with _NO_ 
religious beliefs. Today, in 2006, a pagan is someone with _OTHER_ 
religious beliefs.

Well, just a RFC for your eyes. Eustace Mullins donates an entire 
chapter to explain the difference between Humanism and Humanitarianism 
titled 'Secular Humanism'. Searching Oxford Dictionaries Online from the
web (c) 2006 for these two words we get this :

  * adjective concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. 
  * noun a humanitarian person. 
  - DERIVATIVES humanitarianism noun.

  * noun 1 a rationalistic system of thought attaching prime 
    importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. 2 a 
    Renaissance cultural movement which turned away from medieval 
    scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman 
  - DERIVATIVES humanist noun & adjective humanistic adjective.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English,
by A.S. Hornby with the assistance of A.P. Cowie J. Windsor Lewis
(c)Oxford University Press 1974 3 :

hu-mani-tar-ian /hju'maeni`te3ri3n/ adj, n (of,
 holding the views of, a) person who works for the
 welfare of all human beings by reducing suffering,
 reforming laws about punishment, etc.  `~.ism
 /-izm/ n 

hu-man-ism /`hjum3nizm/ n [U] 1 devotion to
 human interests; system that is concerned with
 ethical standards (but not with religions), and with
 study of mankind. 2 literary culture (of about
 the 14th to 16th cc) based on Greek and Roman

As you see there's quite a difference between the words humanitarian 
and humanism. So what is the meaning of 'Secular Humanism'? 

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English,
by A.S. Hornby with the assistance of A.P. Cowie J. Windsor Lewis
(c)Oxford University Press 1974 4 :

secu-lar /`sekjul3(r)/ adj 1 worldly or material, not
 religious or spiritual: ~ education; ~ art/music;
 the ~ power, the State contrasted with the
 Church. 2 living outside monasteries: the ~
 clergy, parish priests, etc. ~.ism /-izm/ n[U] the
 view that morality and education should not be
 based on religion. /-ist/ n believer in, sup-
 porter of, ~ism. ~.ize /aiz/ vt [VP6A] make ~:
 ~ize church/property/courts; a ~ized Sunday,
 e g when professional sporting events are permit-

Searching Oxford Dictionaries Online from the web (c) 2006 for secular :

  * adjective 1 not religious, sacred, or spiritual. 2 (of clergy) 
    not subject to or bound by religious rule. 3 Astronomy denoting 
    slow changes in the motion of the sun or planets. 4 Economics (of a 
    fluctuation or trend) occurring or persisting over an indefinitely 
    long period. 
  * noun a secular priest. 
  - DERIVATIVES secularism noun secularist noun secularity noun 
    secularize (also secularise) verb secularly adverb. 
  - ORIGIN Latin saecularis 'relating to an age or period', from 
    saeculum 'generation', used in Christian Latin to mean 'the world'.

Well that should give some insight, at least rest assure to not throw 
away old versions of dictionaries to gather a good explanation and 
insight in the meaning of things, like e g 'Secular Humanism', where 
the Oxford Online edition (c)2006 leaves out the word material when 
describing secular, somehow hiding its materialistic nature. Some of
us already knew the game was rigged, but that the curse starts inside
new editions of the authorative dictionaries is amazing.

Khazarian Smokescreen in the Caucasus

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 06:50:25 +0200 (CEST)
From: "Robert M. Stockmann" 
Subject: Khazarian Smokescreen in the Caucasus
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As the Georgian -- South Osethian conflict has been exhaustively 
documented on the Internet and deliberately misinformed inside the 
mainstream media, many of us wondered why the US and Israel would 
embark on such a weird murderous mission in a region formerly known as 
Khazaria ....
Map of KHAZARIA, page 88 from The History of the Jewish Khazars by D.M. Dunlop
Many today have narrowed the identity of the NWO plotters down to those 
evil KHAZARIAN Jews, not the Adamite descendants of Adam, Noah, Abraham 
and eventually David.

So who are these KHAZARIAN Jews then? This has remained to this day a 
very vague topic which has resulted in some serious research which 
however is jam-packed with question marks '?'. Not only in the correct 
spelling of names, verbs and geographic locations, but even if the 
whole 'damn' thing could have been a fabrication.

A most authoritative work on the Jewish Khazars, "The History of the 
Jewish Khazars" by D.M. Dunlop [1] is referred to by fiend and foe as a 
most reliable source, upon which the more popular book "The Thirteenth 
Tribe" by Arthur Koestler [2] is heavily leaning. Strangely enough 
Dunlop's book is today very hard to find [3].

Recently I was able to acquire a genuine 2nd hand print of Dunlop's 
book of which i attach here the introduction and Bibliography. Dunlop, 
a most thorough linguistic researcher no doubt, was clearly not 
satisfied with his end result. In hidden terms Dunlop also expressed 
his dissatisfaction with how Oxford Professor Paul Kahle had been 
overseeing and mentoring his study on the Jewish Khazars.

Before WWII Professor Paul Kahle was working in Germany during the Nazi 
regime, where Kahle's most profound contribution was the discovery of 
the Leningrad Codex inside a Leningrad Museum in the 1930's during the 
height of Bolshevist rule in Russia [4][5]. After WWII this Leningrad 
Codex became the master codex for all the authoritative translations of 
the Hebrew Tanakh (The 39 books of the Old Testament), where before WWII 
the Ben Chayyim edition of the Tanakh was labeled as authoritative.

Have we just touched the surface of the biggest ever coverup in the 
history of manipulation of official authoritative documents? Then i 
started wondering what it is with these Khazars. Why are they known as 
the most feared killer army? Why did they convert to Judaism? This is 
also the most profound question which Dunlop keeps repeating in his 
book. Could the most notorious Jew killer Adolf Hitler have known about 
the Khazars, and who they really were? That's when I stumbled across 
this most peculiar testimonial of a telepathic message [6] :

   The Khazar Are Zionist and Illuminati

   "It is the Khazars behind Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that are 
    the problem, not the common folk."
   Sananda (Jesus)

   Telepathic message of Lord Sananda (Jesus) transmitted to Candace 
   Frieze. Message of February 9, 2005.  Excerpt taken from the 
   article "Thoughts on Islam, Part 4.", taken from:
   nanda.html#2 .
   Text in quotes by Sananda, text in brackets by Candace Frieze.
   Published in this website on March 13, 2005.
   "I notice you [Jesus refers to Candace Frieze, Editors Note] are 
    reading from Pat Robertson again this morning. Quote him please 

   [Pat here is stating that this statement was made by Jesus in Luke. 
    I quote: "Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles, 
    until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled" (**). To reverse that 
    statement we might say, "When Jerusalem is no longer under Gentile 
    domination, then the end of Gentile domination has ended". Here he 
    is reversing a Bible statement to support his point of view. He 
    seems, to me anyway, to desire that Israel not be under Gentile 
    domination. I assume by this he means that Israel should be under 
    Jewish domination.] [Editor's Note:  The quote is from Pat 
    Robertson's book "Bring It On".]

Luke 21:24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be
     led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden
     down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.
     Deut 4:26, Matt 21:41, Heb 2:3

   [Pat then states that we are in the generation at the end of the 
    "times of the Gentiles. He goes on to describe that the preaching 
    of God to the Gentiles has been continuous by evangelism since the 
    Cross. He is against Palestine being so close to Israel. He is 
    angry that we are empowering a non-Jewish nation. He believes the 
    Lord is coming to defend Israel in these end times. He uses the 
    existence of Israel, as necessary, to bring about the Second 

   "Now, the point I wish to make on the above is that Pat Robertson is 
    Khazar Jewish hiding behind Christianity and using it as a tool. 
    These Khazar Jews are not God's people. They are the opposition of 
    God. They are the beings who desire to retain hold on this planet. 
    These are the ones we are expelling from this earth, so it can 
    ascend back into Heaven."

   [I need to add some clarification here.  The Khazars are the 
    current Zionists. There was a group of people long ago called 
    Khazars that lived in Eastern Europe and Western Russia who needed 
    a religion with which to control people. After checking out 
    Christianity and Islam and Judaism, they chose Judaism. They 
    continued to dominate in that area up to modern times.]
   [They planned to dominate the world. They have come pretty close. 
    They incarnate in every religion and into many different societies, 
    and draw the people wherever they are into their current plan of 
    the New World Order. They have been in one guise or another on 
    earth since ancient times. They are the fallen angels and the 
    minions of the off world controllers. They are the Illuminati.]

   "All you Christians, who are in support of Israel, are in support of 
    the lesser gods who took control of the planet so long ago, and 
    keep you in a condition of slavery. Israel is your enemy. These 
    Zionist Jews still detest the Gentiles, and they detest the real 
    Semites of long ago, the Adamites, those on the planet that were 
    developed in the normal Universe and thus, God's people."

   [Well, I do a bit more explaining here. The Adamites are the 
    descendants of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had better genetics than 
    had been evolved on earth. When a planet has reached its maximum 
    evolution potential, its DNA gets upgraded, allowing much greater 
    spiritual growth. The fallen angels intentionally made a mess of 
    this process, which is behind the biblical story of Eve eating from 
    the tree of knowledge.]
   [That story has been degraded also. The whole point of this DNA is 
    to enable knowledge and thinking. THIS IS A GOOD THING. The mess 
    that was created resulted in the gift of this DNA being greatly 
    reduced. Thus, there are 2 basic DNA patterns on earth, Adamite and 
    non-Adamite. Those with some Adamite DNA are a bit better off.  
    Hopefully, this brief explanation will aid in the understanding of 
    Sananda's next comments. I need to also point out that these two 
    types of DNA are spread about the planet in all races and have 
    nothing to do with race.]

   "These Khazars created communism in Russia and caused the great loss 
    in human life in Russia during WWII. This Russian loss greatly 
    superseded the Jewish Holocaust in lives lost. What happened in the 
    Jewish Holocaust was not that God was angry with the Jews for not 
    accepting me, but that these usurpers of the Jewish faith wanted 
    both the Gentiles and the Semites removed from Earth.
   "The Arabs are quite God's people. God's people are all who either 
    evolved on this earth or were placed here as the result of the loss 
    of their planets or other reasons of placement. These Khazars use 
    the lower blood lines. Those of you reincarnating in the Higher 
    Light use the Adamite DNA bodies. The Khazars have to use the non 
    Adamite bodies.
   "911 was caused by the Khazars (Zionists), many within your 
    government, to cause you to hate Islam, to go after the oil they 
    need, but you don't need, as we have other means of energy to give 
    you. Islam hates the Khazars and for good reason. It was the 
    Khazars who were behind the Catholic Churches attempt to stop 
    Islam, known as the Crusades.
   "Understand that Khazars took over Islam and made Islam's problems 
    that exist today. Even the people around Mohammed took charge of 
    him. When Mohammed believed he had been taken up into Heaven, he 
    was in fact picked up by a shuttle craft, and taken aboard a Khazar 
    ship and his mission, in effect, ended at that time.
   "This is what is behind the warring in Islam.  Mohammed intended 
    Islam, which was his journey, to be in peaceful knowledge of God, 
    not militant in the way it has been used.  The Khazars interrupted 
    Mohammed's mission, just as they did mine.  They have messed a bit 
    with Buddhism also, but not to the degree that has been done to 
    manipulate the big 3 for Israel.
   "God did not intend that Israel would come back into being at all. 
    You are doing it yourselves and quite outside of God's plan. I have 
    written previously in the Journals (The Phoenix Journals, found at 
    Fourwinds10, ) that Mohammed would come 
    in 600 years, and he would be a false prophet. I did not mean that 
    he was a bad person.  I meant his mission would be hijacked and a 
    false teaching created by the Khazars.  Islam was a sincere attempt 
    by Mohammed to correct what they had done to my teachings.  He was 
    unsuccessful.  [Editor's Note:  See And They Called His Name 
    Immanuel, see Chapter 15, Section MOHAMMAD PROPHECIED.]

   "There is no correct major religion on the face of the earth.  All 
    are contaminated and used to bring on Armageddon in a most negative 
   "The purpose of the Holocausts, both the Jewish and Russian ones, 
    was in great part to remove the Adamite bloodline from Earth. That 
    was what Hitler was LED to do.  He did NOT intend this. His thing 
    against the Jews was against the Khazars but these very same 
    Khazars got to him too and his mission was also corrupted.
   "He had the mission of taking Germany and the areas around it out of 
    Khazar control, and not through genocide, but 'Satan', as you like 
    to call it, took over in his body, by a process called 
    'overshadowing', and manipulated him to get rid of the Semitic and 
    Adamite blood line.
   "There are, in fact, some space ships out there in space that are 
    full of the Nephilim, the 'fallen angels.'  They will, in all 
    likelihood, never be readmitted to the heavenly realms. There are 
    some 36 million of them. They are tired of living in space and also 
    want the planet. They can't incarnate into an Adamite body, so they 
    were also behind these great world wars.
   "Much has gone on behind the scenes, of which you are unaware, by 
    the intention of people like Pat Robertson. He is a 'fallen angel' 
    and using Christianity for his purposes. You must not hate the 
    Jewish people in general, as most are just like you.
   "It is the Khazars behind Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that are 
    the problem, not the common folk. The common folk are intentionally 
    led to believe their religion is the only right one, no matter 
    which one it is.  The Khazars desire to keep the world in warfare 
    for their own nefarious needs.
   "I will mention here, that the Khazars created the Bubonic Plague of 
    Europe hundreds of years ago. They created AIDS, and gave it to 
    Africa through the smallpox vaccine in the early 1970s. They 
    created the Spanish flu of the First World War era. They are 
    messing with the bird flu viruses now. They were behind SARS which 
    we helped eliminate. They are using disease to control population, 
    and they work especially at developing viruses that affect the 
    Adamite DNA.
   "They were the ones long ago in the Tower of Babel story that 
    separated the DNA strands of humans, so they could not communicate 
    with the higher realms, and ended telepathy, so they could not 
    communicate with each other, thus taking away the power, so they 
    could own the planet.
   "This goes back to two or more in my name which, in reality, means 
    two or more that perceive the higher dimensions, can find the truth 
    and use this truth to make great change. Those unable to perceive 
    the higher dimensions (those that can are called multidimensional) 
    are thus led to believe in the bull shit (yes, Candace, use this 
    word) they are fed. They have difficulty perceiving other 

   [My comments here.  As part of the Second Coming process, Earth's 
    DNA will be restored to its full glory, that of 12 strands of DNA, 
    not just the two currently in use. This DNA already is in many 
    folks. It is just disconnected. The DNA restoral already started 
    some time ago. We will be writing up more on this in a coming 
    article on the Ascension process.]

   "Conditions on this earth are so bad that the people are looking to 
    a sky god to help them. They do not understand this perception of 
    God that comes within. I guess you could say the sky God has heard, 
    since we are in your skies in great numbers, working to keep the 
    planet alive and healthy, so we don't have to evacuate you all and 
    take you to other planets.
   "Note that the Khazars know about the Photon Belt times, and knew 
    long ago that God of Light, that is the Universal Forces of Light, 
    would be here in these important end times, and they purposely, as 
    Pat does in the above quotes, deliberately changed the 
    interpretation of the gospels to suit their needs."

Best Regards,

Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

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John Savage made a audio recording on "How to deal with disinfo agents, shills, and dupes putting a bullet in a lizard review of 13th tribe, koestler and sources", where he illustrates that the 13th tribe and the Khazars are actually a concoction : "Being Savage # 52 - Koestler's 13th tribe".
"Being Savage # 52 - Koestler's 13th tribe" (updated url).
I added a small section from D. M. Dunlop's "The History of the Jewish Khazars", titled "The Khazar Conversion to Judaism", which most probable has been a Communist/KGB controlled deception.

[1] The History of the Jewish Khazars
by D. M. Dunlop

Paperback: 293 pages
Publisher: Schocken; First edition (1967)
Language: English

[2] The Thirteenth Tribe
by Arthur Koestler

Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: Random House (July 12, 1976)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0394402847
ISBN-13: 978-0394402840

[3] "The Khazars Are Coming"
by Edward (Ephraim) Hirsch

[4] The Hebrew Bible : from Aleppo Codex to "Rothschild Mahzor"
by R.M. Stockmann
, 18 Mar 2007

[5] Post WWII Bibles seriously flawed
by R.M. Stockmann
, 20 Aug 2007

[6] The Khazar Are Zionist and Illuminati
by Candace Frieze
, February 9, 2005.

Commentaries on the Curse

Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 03:09:15 +0100 (CET)
From: "Robert M. Stockmann" 
Subject: Curse of Canaan
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There seems to be quite some commentaries about the Curse of Canaan
(The youngest son of Ham) which only add confusion and misunderstanding
about what happened. Here's one of these, adding homosexuality and
rape into the equation :

Why did Noah curse Ham / Canaan?

    Question: "Why did Noah curse Ham / Canaan?"

     Answer: Genesis 9:20-25 tells us, "Noah, a man of the soil,
    proceeded to plant a vineyard. When he drank some of its wine,
    he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. Ham, the
    father of Canaan, saw his father's nakedness and told his two
    brothers outside. But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid
    it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and
    covered their father's nakedness. Their faces were turned the
    other way so that they would not see their father's nakedness.
    When Noah awoke from his wine and found out what his youngest
    son had done to him, he said, "Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of
    slaves will he be to his brothers."

     Why did Noah curse Canaan when it was Ham who saw him naked?
    Why was Noah so angry that Ham saw him naked? Some propose that
    Ham and/or Canaan actually did something to Noah in addition to
    seeing him naked. The passage mentions that Noah was angry when
    he found out, "what his youngest son had done to him."
    Homosexuality, rape, and humiliation are frequently mentioned as
    possibilities. However, the text nowhere states that Ham did
    anything to Noah. Any such view of what occurred is speculation.

     Another view arises out of comparison with Leviticus 20:11,
    "The man who lies with his father's wife has uncovered his
    father's nakedness..." With Leviticus 20:11 in mind, some
    propose that Ham had sex with Noah's wife, and that was what
    brought the curse from Noah. However, this figurative
    understanding of "uncovering nakedness" fails to account for the
    fact that Shem and Japheth walked into the room backward and
    covered Noah with a garment. This does not make any sense if
    "uncovering nakedness" means "having sex with Noah's wife." It
    definitely seems that Noah was lying naked -- his nakedness

     Whatever took place between Ham and Noah, why did Noah curse
    Ham's son Canaan, when Canaan is nowhere mentioned as having
    done anything? The Bible does not specifically answer this
    question. Ham was Noah's youngest son, and Canaan was Ham's
    youngest son. Perhaps Noah cursed Canaan because it is more
    painful for a father to see his child suffer than it is for a
    father to suffer himself. The other possible explanation is that
    Canaan was somehow involved in the incident, thereby bringing
    Noah's curse upon himself.

     Recommended Resource:
    The Genesis Flood by Henry Morris and John Whitcomb [1]."

Canaan, the son of Ham, had nothing todo with Ham seeing his father's 
nakedness. Ham should indeed have covered Noah's nakedness and not 
mention anything about it all. This is called natural decency which 
should be there automaticly as part of ones raising and education.  
Instead Ham mentions it to his brothers making Naoh the father look 
like a fool in front of the entire family, and hence downplaying the 
authority of Noah as the father over his family. The incident therefore 
downplays the integrity of Noah's family as a whole, making it a easy 
target for external factors to disintegrate Noah's family. It also 
shows that Ham was not that fond and proud of his father. Why? For 
being the youngest son, and never able to obtain the birthright of Noah?

           "Genesis, a Commentary by GERHARD VON RAD" [2] Chap 21, p264.
           commenting on Genesis 25:29-34, where Jacob obtained
           birthright from Esau.

Apparently Noah could not curse his own sons as he would only be
cursing himself. Instead Noah laid a curse on Ham's offspring, Ham's
son Canaan, implicitly putting the blame on Ham's wife .......


Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

[1] The Genesis Flood
By: John Whitcomb, Henry M. Morris

P & R Publishing / 1989 / Paperback
Format: Paperback
Vendor: P & R Publishing
Publication Date: 1989
ISBN: 0875523382
ISBN-13: 9780875523385

[2] Genesis (Old Testament Library Series)
by Gerhard Von Rad

Format: Paperback, 440pp
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Pub. Date: January 1972
Edition Description: Revised
ISBN: 0664227457
ISBN-13: 9780664227456

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