NSA campus, Ft. Meade, MD Seal of the NSA
The NSA has always been taken for granted by the Grand Public, despite that its existance was never
officially published. It was only leaked to the public, through books and research articles. There
never was really a need to be worried, as the NSA was taking care of America's security, and since
all was fine, noone was really interested to do their own research. Then 911 happened, where the
role of the NSA became somehow ... different. See e.g. The Criminal NSA Exposed.

The National Security Agency (NSA)


Public Safety Canada March 23, 2008
James Forrestal, the 1st US Secretary of Defense
Majesty 12 (MJ-12)
NORDEX, NSA proprietary in Vienna, Austria

The London Times, Monday May 20 2013, Russian spies The Conficker Worm: What Happens Next? 60 Minutes: Computer Worm Could Receive New Instructions On April 1, March 29, 2009

Public Safety Canada March 23, 2008

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 19:19:45 +0100 (CET)
From: "Robert M. Stockmann" 
To: communications@ps.gc.ca,  prevention@ps.gc.ca
cc: crgeditor@yahoo.com, crm_crg@yahoo.com, crg.online@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Public Safety Canada March 23, 2008
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Dear Sir, Madam,

Globalresearch.ca pointed [6] to your publication :

Public Safety Canada March 23, 2008

where a 

   "Declaration of Intent Between the Department of Public Safety and 
    Emergency Preparedness of Canada and the Ministry of Public 
    Security of the Government of the State of Israel"

is adressed. Although Canada has always maintained such relationships 
with the United Kingdom, I think its rather strange to maintain such a 
relationship with the Nation of Israel. To put it more clearly, the 
Nation of Israel is today, apparently, playing a more important role in 
international affairs than the United Kingdom. Please don't forget who is 
really wearing the pants and who the skirt. It would be wise to abandon 
the propping up of Israel in such affairs. Here's why : 

Recently in EU Parliament MEP Daniel Hannan exposed PM Gordon
Brown for what he really is : a Breznijev era apparatchik :

Daniel Hannan Rips Gordon Brown a New One

Failing to address serious issues, PM Brown is effectively playing into 
the hands of the international Israeli agenda. Playing closely along 
with this agenda is Putin's Russia who with his FSB is safe guarding 
the criminal operations of international crime commited by Mafia 

Here's what I know, which is important :

1. The National Security Agency (NSA) has since 911 changed
   its policy from strictly surveillance [0] into possibly 
   remote harassment of normal people inside their houses [1][1a].

2. The predecessor of the NSA, the Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA)
   was with the 'suicide' of James Vincent Forrestal in his
   function as 1st United States Secretary of Defense, on May 22
   1949, severely harmed. It resulted in severely flawed
   and compromised Army Intelligence, before and during the
   Korean war. As far as I know, the Soviets (Russians) never
   lost their compromiting role in US Army intelligence. [2]

3. The NSA has been most likely a KGB run Operation only
   from the day of its inception, located in Ft. Meade, MD. [3][4]
   (See also the email below)

There has in recent weeks been a massive blackpainting campaign against 
the CIA, to make it the sole scapegoat of the torture outrages in Iraq 
and elsewhere etc.

Inside the alternative patriot radio have been several reports that 
currently BOTH the FBI and the CIA are under siege by (several?) 
foreign secret service(s). See e.g Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA at 
http://barbarahartwell.blogspot.com/ (***), where she as a 'fired' CIA NOC 
survived several attempts on her life.  A friend of her, Geral Sosbee, 
is experiencing the same as a former FBI employee.

The compromised NSA (a KGB/FSB run operation) together with MOSSAD are 
currently at work behind the scenes to takeover all of Americas Secret 
Service and Law Enforcement [7]. Do not make the mistake to take Putin for 
granted, as he never stopped his role as KGB/FSB spymaster in safe 
guarding Russian Organized crime all across the World [5].

Let it be clear that the current Israeli leadership is not the one we 
have known from the 1970s and 1980s. Don't play ball for the hard core 
criminals inside Israel who have aligned themselves with Putin's Russia.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert M. Stockmann
Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist
crashrecovery.org  stock@stokkie.net

Don't Tread on Me</i>, seal of the USS America, decommisioned on Aug 9, 1996
(***) As of Tuesday, January 05, 2010, barbarahartwell.blogspot.com has moved to http://www.barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com/.

[0] How NSA access was built into Windows
Careless mistake reveals subversion of Windows by NSA.
by Duncan Campbell

US Army and all Intelligence Agencies run on UNIX or Macintosh
(copy of page 158-159 from "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael C. Ruppert)

[1] The Criminal NSA Exposed
John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

http://crashrecovery.org/forrestal/The Criminal NSA Exposed.htm

[1a] The electricity scam

[2] The National Security Agency (NSA)

[3] NORDEX, NSA proprietary in Vienna, Austria

[4] The Takeover Of America according Brig. General Ben Partin

[5] "The Eurasian Politician - Issue 4 (August 2001)
By: Vladimir Ivanidze

Source: The Independent Information Centre Glasnost - Caucasus
http://crashrecovery.org/forrestal/RUSSIAN SECRET SERVICES AND THE MAFIA.htm

[6] Galloway Banned Under Canada-Israel 'Security' Pact

[7] Laptop with names of SAS men is missing
By Ben Leach
, Last Updated: 9:19AM BST 13 Apr 2009

James Vincent Forrestal, Navy Secretary, 1st US Secretary of Defense

James Forrestal, the 1st US Secretary of Defense

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 08:23:24 +0200 (CEST)
From: "Robert M. Stockmann" 
To: smith@iamthewitness.com
Subject: Be Wise as Serpents
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Hi Daryl,

I'd like to focus your attention to the last book published by Fritz 
Springmeier before he got jailed, "Be Wise as Serpents" [1]. You can 
download this book from e.g. http://conspiracycentral.net:6969/ .

Inside is very interesting material. The chapter on Richard Nixon is 
mind-blowing. The supposed hoax of MJ12 aka Majestic 12 is proven by 
Springmeier to be very very real. But here comes the real kicker, on 
page 542 Springmeier presents a Chart titled :
BASIC U.S. POLICY PROCESS according Fritz Springmeier, p542 'Be Wise as Serpents'



   LVL 1 -- Sanhedrin/Bilderbergers
   LVL 2 -- Majesty 12
   LVL 3 -- Policy Planning Groups ..
         (CFR, TC, Brookings Institute et.al.)

Apparently Springmeier has traced back todays Sanhedrin as the
top chief of the Bilderbergers :

page 539 :

  "   Nearly half of the Knights of Malta's 10,000 members belong to 
   Europe's Black Nobility, that is Europe's oldest and most powerful 
   families. The head of the Black Nobility claims descent from the 
   last Roman emperior.5 The Knights of Malta are closely allied with 
   the Vatican, the Masons, and the CIA. That the Prieure de Sion 
   (allied with Scottish & Mizraim Rites) and the Knights of Malta are 
   cooperating peacefully with each other, considering that the 
   bloodlines they represent were once in competition means that an 
   alliance between the House of David and the Black Nobility is 
   solidly in place. Further, the Askenazim Jewish Banking families 
   such as the Rothschilds have allied themselves to all this through 
   marriage and business.
      From the historical evidence, this Author believes that 
   Mason/Rosicrucian Napoleon, who conquered Malta from the Knights of 
   Malta and the Papal States along with the Pope, was able to realign 
   those powers in some way with Illuminati goals. Freemasonry itself 
   had been already been subverted by the Sanhendrin and the 
   Illuminati. A Grand Alliance of the various powerful bloodlines, 
   Freemasonry, and the Jewish Sanhedrin occured back in the early 
   1800s. However, the manipulation of events to centralize their 
   power was a gradual process. For instance, the first passports 
   issued by any state was done under the Masonic rule of France after 
   the French Revolution. Yet, it wasn't until after W.W.I, that the 
   One-World-Power could justify restricting the free travel of the 
   nations with passport requirements.6

   The alliance of the great powers can be seen in the meetings of the 
   Bilderbergers. This group consists of leaders from the Black 
   Nobility, the Jewish Banking families, the Freemasons, and the 
   Internationalists. The real power of the Bilderbergers recides in 
   the Inner Core, which consists of 3 groups of 13 for a total of 39. 
   This Inner Core then answer to the Policy Committee which consists 
   of 13. The Policy Committee answers to a Round Table of 9.

   One of the most powerful men within the Bilderbergers is Prince 
   Bernhard of the Netherlands.  He still retains influence, even 
   after giving up the chairmanship. His family, the Hapsburgs, are 
   descendents of some powerful blood lines, including the House of 
   Orange and the Roman Emperors. Prince Bernhard was the first 
   chairman of the Bilderbergers. He is the husband of the Queen of 
   the Netherlands, who abdicated in favor of her daughter. Prince 
   Bernhard's wife Queen Julianna has been estimated to be worth 
   around $2 billion dollars.7 She holds stock in Royal Dutch Shell 
   and Exxon. She holds the masonic title of "Protectress of the Craft 
   [Freemasonry]".  She and the Prince have played an active role in 
   Freemasonry. In 1957, for instance, she received the Grand Masters 
   attending an international conference at the Hague. Prince Philip 
   of Orange gave the Grand Lodge's building while he was Grand 
   Master, and also donated 7,000 books to its library.7a The Orange 
   family have been important in Freemasonry over the years."

Also interesting is Springmeiers view on Catholicism, read
Chapter 2.2 CAPTURING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH  (page 381) in its entirety.
And Chapter 2.13 The Second Tower of Babel (page 538) in its entirety.

A quote from page 562

  "There you have it, plenty of people with evidence that Nixon was 
   given the hachet by the New World Orderby a military coup that the 
   public hasn't even known about. The minds of the Power are such, it 
   is likely they never even cared what Nixon, the man they had put 
   into the White House, went through to see his reputation (which 
   they had created) destroyed. Nixon wisely did not allow them to do 
   to him what had happened to Forrestal."

When searching for Forrestal a whole new Chapter is opened up, which
is actually the prelude for how the NSA came about :



   The origins of the National Security Agency can be traced to the 
   May 20, 1949 creation of the Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA) [3].

Two days later James Vincent Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy commits
'suicide' :


  "James Vincent Forrestal (February 15, 1892  May 22, 1949) was a 
   Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of 
   Defense. Forrestal's death resulted from a fall out of a Bethesda 
   Naval Hospital window which has led to speculation and much 

   Forrestal is alleged to be an original member of a group formed in 
   1947 with the purported code name of Majestic 12.

   Forrestal himself maintained that he was being tracked and bugged 
   by Zionist operatives. As Forrestal biographer Arnold Rogow puts it:

     "...Forrestal, during his last months in office, harbored a 
      conviction that he was under day-and-night surveillance by 
      Zionist agents; and when he resigned as Secretary of Defense in 
      March, 1949, he was convinced that his resignation was not 
      unrelated to pressures brought to bear on the Administration by 
      American Jewish organizations."

   Arnold Rogow, James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, Politics, 
   and Policy, p.181
   Rogow footnotes this passage, noting:

     "While those beliefs reflect the fact that Forrestal was a very 
      ill man in March 1949, it is entirely possible that he was 
      'shadowed' by Zionist agents in 1947 and 1948. A close associate 
      of his at the time recalls that at the height of the Palestine 
      controversy, his (the associate's) official limousine was 
      followed to and from his office by a blue sedan containing two 
      men. When the police were notified and the sedan apprehended, it 
      was discovered that the two men were photographers employed by a 
      Zionist organization. They explained to the police that they had 
      hoped to obtain photographs of the limousine's occupant entering 
      or leaving an Arab embassy in order to demonstrate that the 
      official involved was in close contact with Arab 

   Arnold Rogow, James Forrestal, A Study of Personality, Politics, 
   and Policy, p.181

   New light was shed on Forrestal's concerns in March 2006 when The 
   Times of London, referencing newly declassified documents, revealed 
   that a serious attempt by Menachem Begin's Irgun Gang to 
   assassinate Britain's anti-Zionist counterpart to Forrestal, 
   Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, had been thwarted by British 
   intelligence in 1946. Forrestal had been the most conspicuous and 
   forceful anti-Zionist in the Truman administration."

From "The Iron Curtain over America" [2] page 24 :

  "In his diary, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal recorded that he 
   was told by Joseph P. Kennedy, our Ambassador to Britain, that 
   Prime Minister Chamberlain stated that America and the world Jews 
   had forced England into the war"
   (The Forrestal Diaries, ed. by Walter Millis, The Viking Press,
     New York, 1951, pp. 121-122).

So Springmeier inside "Be Wise as Serpents" surely knows how to put the 
reader into the right direction where to search for truth.

When glancing across the pdf one notices how different letters and 
fonts are used, which made me wonder whether a nasty 'Phelps' job has 
been applied to this PDF edition. As "Be Wise as Serpents" has had a 
very limited readership, I even seriously doubted if there ever was a 
proper print edition at all!

Note that not long after this SPECIAL PRE-PUBLICATION EDITION (for 
private circulation only ......... ) Springmeier got in serious 
trouble. The book is highly documented with numerous footnotes and 
makes it worth a decent read. It's certainly not that wacko PDF job 
like "Vatican Assassins" by Eric Phelps, where footnotes point to even 
more questionable sources. 

Best Regards,

Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist
crashrecovery.org  stock@stokkie.net

history of systematic destruction of Christianity by
secret societies worldwide"
by Fritz Springmeier,
for private circulation only
copyright 1991 by Fritz Springmeier

[2] "The Iron Curtain Over America" By John Beaty
First Printing, December, 1951 Eleventh Printing April 1954

[3] Intelligence and National Security: A Reference Handbook
(Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Security Issues)
by J. Ransom Clark

Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Praeger Security International Academic Cloth (August 30, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0275992985
ISBN-13: 978-0275992989
page14.png, page15.png, page16.png, page17.png, page18.png, page19.png

Majesty 12 (MJ-12)

Fritz Springmeier mentions MJ-12 or Majesty 12 frequently inside
his book "Be Wise as Serpents". He presents proof that MJ-12 most
certainly existed, maybe even today. When a lot of reseachers
began to touch upon MJ-12, secret service agencies began to put out
a lot of disinformation stories around MJ-12, most all of these
hooking MJ-12 up to some sort of secret UFO team. Well MJ-12 is
very real, but none of its members ever saw or wrote about UFO's
inside official MJ-12 paperwork. To understand the controversy one
needs to know the following : 

   Majesty is the NAME of a group, which apparently was/is directly 
   reporting to "Her Majesty" of the BILDERBERGER Group. MAJIC, 
   MAJORITY, and MAJESTIC are CLASSIFICATIONS used for Documents.

page 64 :

   Jason Society - A branch of the Order of the Quest, this secret 
                   group is extremely powerful in the United States.
   Some of its men sit on MJ-12, the body that rules the United States
   for the New World Order.

page 104 :

   level 3- Majesty 12, this is the Inner group that directs the U.S.  
            Other major western nations have an equivalent group of
   rulers. MJ-12 consists of:

   6 members of the executive committee of the JASON Group which is a 
     group of intelligent men that began with the Manhattan project.

   6 members of the executive committee of the Council of Foreign 
     Relations (CFR)- these men are known as "the wise men", they are 
     also all members of the Jason Society, which is a branch of the 
     Masonic Order of the Quest.

   6 other key people-heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. usually also Masons 
     and CFR people.

   (Majesty 12 has been variously named by those in the U.S.  
    government in the know as 5412 Committee or Special Group 
    (Eisenhower & Kennedy Admin.), 303 Committee (Johnson Admin.),
    40 Committee (Nixon, Ford, & Carter Admin.), PI-40 (Reagon Admin.).
    It has been seen in some intelligence messages as MAJIC.)

page 543 :


   My own secret sources of information indicate two items:

   a.  that the highest levels of Satanism, commonly known as the 
       Illuminati, control the CFR and other top-level decision making 
       groups in the U.S. government.

   b.  that the highest levels of Satanism have on-going direct contact 
       with the aliens (actually demons) and work with them.

   c.  that a group of men commonly known as Majesty 12 or MJ-12 does 
       indeed exist, and they direct the United States, and are aware 
       of ongoing work with the "aliens". 

   From this limited confidential information, I have proceeded to try 
   to gleen more information to pad out my picture and hopefully the 
   reader's too of what is happening. Further information on MJ-12 has 
   come from a number of sources. The following documents pertaining 
   to MJ-12 are included for the reader.

   DOCUMENT 1. Federal Register pages which are called "Presidential 
               Findings" and are available to House and Senate Intelligence 
   Committees. The first set of pages are Executive Order 10700 by 
   President Eisenhower, Further Providing for the Operations 
   Coordinating Board, February 27, 1957. 
      The story behind these Federal Register pages are as follows: 
   Nelson Rockefeller, member of the Illuminati, and Dwight Eisenhower 
   began planning in 1953 for the creation of a secret governing 
   committee from 13 to 19 men to rule the United States in 
   cooperation with the aliens (demons).  Some type of authority had 
   to be given the group from the executive branch and some type of 
   cover had to be given it also. The secret Executive Memorandum NSC 
   5510 set up a permanent Majority 12 committee. Soon afterwards in 
   Mar. 1955, NSC 5412/1 set up the cover story-a group which had 
   Nelson Rockefeller at its top. The cover group was entitled "the 
   Policy Coordinating Group." As the PCG or Policy Coordinating Group 
   actually was a front for a real group that did and still does rule 
   the United States, people in government correctly realized its 
   enormous power and have refered to this secret ruling body in 
   different ways over the years.
      In 1974 Thomas Ross and and David Wise came out with the book The 
   Invisible Government by Random House. Because this book revealed 
   this group which was called "the Special Group" or "54/12" the name 
   of the group was changed. Marchetti pointed out in his book CIA and 
   The Cult of Intelligence that the Special Group changes its name 
   each time its cover name is revealed to the public. The following 
   are some of the names it has gone by:

   a. Special Study Group
   b. Wise Men
   c. Operations Coordinating Board (OCB)
   d. 5412 Committee - Eisenhower & Kennedy Administration
   e. 303 Committee - Johnson Administration
   f. 40 Committee - Nixon, Ford, Carter Administrations
   g. PI-40 - Reagon Administration
   h. The Unholy 13 - the name Brig. Gen. Exon claims to have used
   i.  Majesty 12, Majority 12, (its level of secrecy is labelled 

   DOCUMENT 2. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's testimony to
               the Jackson Subcommittee about policy-making at the

page 544 :

   Presidential Level for the National Security Council in 1965.
   McNamara's testimony is that he and Dean Rusk did not automatically
   adopt any proposed policy put forth by a study group-- but historically
   it can be seen that the Study Group was calling the shots. We can
   see the impact of the Special Study Group by close attention to the
   next Document, JK 516 A5 The Investigation...of the Intelligence Agencies,
   Book 5.

   DOCUMENT 3. JK 516 A5- Cover page of Book V, and page 100 (which 
               was Appendix C) show that the Study Group did formulate

   DOCUMENT 4. USAF Office of Special Investigations document 
               describing the analysis of film taken near the AFB of
   Kirtland in 1980 which refers to in paragraph 2 


   SPECAT (special category messages) sent from MAJESTY CONTROL 
   (evidently MJ-12) have been seen by intelligence officers with high 
   clearances. Such SPECAT have been called MAJESTY ADVISORY. At other 
   times a Majesty 12's orders have been called Majority 12 
   Directives.  Intelligence people with Q clearance and Presidential 
   approval were classified "MAJESTIC" on Project REDLIGHT. Extremely 
   sensitive material is classified MAJIC. It appears from the 
   numerous sources that the secret MJ-12 governing group uses MJ in 
   connection with the words MAJIC, MAJORITY, and MAJESTIC.
   FALSE DOCUMENT. The pages of what is called the "Briefing Document: 
           Operation Majestic 12 Prepared For President-Elect Dwight D. 
   Eisenhower" are a CIA/NSC attempt to muddy the waters with a fake 
   document. Because the public began to learn some real facts about 
   MJ-12, a special operation called MAJESTIC to decieve the public 
   was carried out by three intelligence men, Stanton Friedman, 
   William Moore, and Jaime Shandera. Supposedly Jaime Shandera got 
   some 35mm film and realized what he had after he developed it. It 
   was labelled a briefing document for President-elect Eisenhower 
   concerning MJ-12. The document has big errors in it, the dating is 
   not written as per how it was done then, the Rosewell Army Air 
   Field and Walker Air Force Base are misnamed Rosewell Army Air Base 
   and Walker Field. The dating and the name of the base would have 
   had to have been done correctly under real circumstances. Much 
   information has come out exposing these three men who claim to have 
   come upon this document as intelligence men. They and others have 
   been actively trying to muddy the waters.

      Although a Study Group had been established even four years 
   before the MJ-12 Study Group it appears it wasn't as all 
   encompassing as the one established by Rockefeller in 1954. This 
   prior Study Group (called ECG- Executive Coordination Group) can be 
   identified in the National Security Council directive identifiable 
   as the top secret annex to NSC-4 called NSC-4A. Later NSC-10/1 and 
   NSC-10/2 superseded NSC-4 and NSC-4A and expanded the work of the 
   Study Group. It appears the ECG was somewhat ad hoc, and that the 
   people making up the group varied from meeting to meeting, and 
   problem to problem, whereas MJ-12 is a fixed group. After Pres. 
   John Kennedy tried to abolish MJ-12 as the control center, the 
   Study Group retained its power but became acephalous. 
      When the men of MJ-12 (the 5412 committee) began meeting, it was 
   neccessary that extreme secrecy be established for it is hard to 
   hide so many important men getting together. In 1954, the Quantico 
   Marine Base was used. Later meetings were held at the Marine Base 

page 545 :

   at Quantico, VA and the group became known as Quantico II according 
   to William Cooper.  Rockefeller built a retreat somewhere in 
   Maryland that can only be reached by air. Then the Group was able 
   to fly in and maintain the seclusion they desired. The retreat's 
   code name is "the Country Club" and it has complete living, eating, 
   recreation, library and meeting facilities according to William 
      Money for the Study Group was made available through a 
   multimillion dollar secret fund kept by the Military Office of the 
   White House. Some money was periodically transferred from this fund 
   to the Kennedy family up until 1967. The Kennedy family is one of 
   the 13 leading Illuminati families. It is not known why this money 
   was being transferred secretly by courier.
      Finally, if we look at who serves on MJ-12 there are basically 
   three groups. Six scientists and experts of the Executive Committee 
   of the Jason Group which is under the Mitre Corp. Six men of the 
   Executive Committee of the CFR which are all members of the Masonic 
   Order of the Quest and members of the Jason Society (not to be 
   confused with the Jason Group). The other men are usually 
   high-ranking Freemasons who control the FBI, the CIA and other key 
   positions in the Government and Intelligence. The Kingpin members 
   of MJ-12 are part of the Illuminati, and regularly participate in 
   the highest levels of Satanism.

page 661 :


   Something big is happening. The whole subject of UFOs leaves the 
   objective person bewildered. There are several key points that are 
   verified beyond doubt on the subject.

   1.  There has been intensive interest by the movie industry about 
       extraterrestrials, science fiction scenarios about their coming 
       to earth. There have been lots of secret interest on the part of 

page 662 :

       governments and intelligence agencies. The level of secrecy on 
       documents pertaining to UFOs is two secret levels above the 
       H-Bomb project. The highest secrecy level Top Secret Umbra were 
       placed on the Top Secret affidavit giving the National Security 
       Agency reasons for witholding its documents on UFOs. SIGINT 
       documents that are classified above TOP SECRET receive a an 
       additional stamp such as ROYAL, COSMIC, or in the case of one 
       set of UFO documents in case MJ-12 they were stamped MAJIC.

   2.  After the book Above Top Secret, which conclusively documents ad 
       nauseum how there have been government coverups around the world 
       concerning UFO, especially in the U.S., there is no reasonable 
       doubt that some of the biggest intelligence agencies like the 
       CIA, NSA, and MI6 are committed to disinformation and coverups.

   3.  UFO activity is related to the Occult, the New Age, and demonic 
       activity. It is likely the whole thing about UFOs is going to be 
       related to a One-World-Religion.

page 676 :


   Who's Running America? by Thomas R. Dye and Florida State 
   University. This book was not the creation of some foundation 
   grant, but developed out of a graduate seminar at FSU. This is one 
   of the most exceptionally well-written well-researched books to 
   instruct the public about the elite that controls their lives. 
   Highly recommended for someone who wants more nitty-gritty details 
   than this book provides. The book is a systematic look at the 
   various areas of power. Don't expect any secrets to be revealed, 
   the book's contents are not extremely controversial. Be Wise As 
   Serpents goes beyond Who's Running America and reveals the secret 
   groups such MJ-12 and the policy committee of the Bilderbergers who 
   really make the decisions.

Grigory Luchansky, former head NORDEX Sharansky on cover March 28, 2005 Issue, The American Conservative Vladimir Kruchkov, former chairman KGB during USSR era Anatoli Shcharansky, Jewish dissident for the KGB

NORDEX, NSA proprietary in Vienna, Austria

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 08:35:49 +0100 (CET)
From: "Robert M. Stockmann" 
To: stewwebb@sierranv.net
Subject: NORDEX, NSA proprietary in Vienna, Austria
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII
Status: RO

Hi Stew, Tom,

In your latest posting "Warrant Issued for Greenspans Arrest, 
Madoff-Gate Update" [1], from Wednesday Feb 11, 2009, you mention the 
following :

   "The use of PROMIS software by U.S. Justice Department investigators 
    have traced thousands of illegal Madoff transactions to a noted NSA 
    proprietary in Vienna, Austria called NORDEX corporation."

Looking for NORDEX I found an article from "The Eurasian Politician" 
titled  "RUSSIAN SECRET SERVICES AND THE MAFIA" by Vladimir Ivanidze, 
(August 2001) [2] :

    "Then in December 1990, the KGB chief Vladimir Kruchkov ordered 
     the organization of commercial structures aimed at concrete 
     goals: In the event the situation should develop as it did in 
     Eastern Germany, commercial structures could be shelters for 
     top-ranking party or secret service authorities. The secret 
     services were ordered to organize financing for secret service 
     activity against "destructive elements" ready to take power, and 
     to mobilize agents abroad and inside the country to fight 
     phenomena "destabilizing" the country.

     [ ... ]

     I want to give you an example of how public opinion and some  and 
     not just Russian  politicians are manipulated.

     This is about one of the partners of Arkady Volsky and Viktor 
     Chernomyrdin  Grigory Luchansky. Tons of papers have been written 
     about that man. His name is in the reports of Western secret 
     services and most informative publications in the Western mass 
     media. He was the head of one of the largest companies organized by 
     Kruchkovs order. This is a group of Nordex companies registered in 
     Austria, Switzerland and other countries of Europe. Luchansky 
     obtained Israeli citizenship, but three years ago a representative 
     of Israels Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement explaining 
     why there was an official denial of the request to prolong the term 
     of Luchanskys passport validity. One of the main reasons was 
     international trade of armaments, including components of atomic 
     weapon. The representative did not give any evidence. He simply 
     announced the official position of the Israeli authorities.

     But in my report I want to tell just one story about Luchansky.

     Several years ago, after CIA director Deutsch openly announced 
     Nordexs relationships with Russian organized crime, Luchansky tried 
     to penetrate the U.S. political scene. He even managed to buy a 
     breakfast with Clinton during Clintons first election campaign."

According Vladimir Ivanidze, NORDEX, which you claim to be a NSA Front 
Operation, is in fact a KGB/FSB Organized and Founded operation.

      So NSA is in fact headquarters of the
      American branch of KGB/FSB ???

Barry Chamish has also found a Red Socialist connection to Austria,
Vienna [3] :

    "One of the negotiators of the Oslo accords was Yair Hirschfeld 
     who used to be the aid of Bruno Kreisky, the Chancellor of 
     Austria from 1970 to 1983. Kreisky was also the President of the 
     Socialist International at the time. In the early 80s Hirschfeld
     was planted into Israel at Tel Aviv University as a spy to trash
     Menahem Begin."

Here comes the article by Vladimir Ivanidze in its entirety :

  "The Eurasian Politician - Issue 4 (August 2001) 
   By: Vladimir Ivanidze
   Source: The Independent Information Centre Glasnost - Caucasus

   I think that the moral responsibility of the KGB for the numerous 
   crimes committed in Russia and the former Soviet republics over the 
   past 15 years is large. But I think that all this has also been a 
   tragedy for many officers of the secret services. On the one hand 
   the party bosses and KGB authorities were transferring money of the 
   party, and then suddenly a newly rich "foreign partner" of Soviet 
   origin like Boris Birnstein appeared. But on the other hand, lamps 
   and toilet paper were disappearing in Lubyankas lavatories in 1992. 
   Officers were offering to escort smugglers trucks for $100. People 
   were suffering. Some officers couldnt bear it. It was real agony 
   that was typical for our poor criminal country.
   Now, when the President is a former KGB officer, though there are 
   no former there, like the officers of secret services say, I try to 
   understand the following: is his sudden appearance a revenge by 
   those who hid the money of the party or is it another manipulation 
   by the "family"? I guess many people are questioning themselves 
   about it. There is no generally recognized answer yet. But I am not 
   asking the question: has Putin come to put an end to corruption? I 
   have no reason to believe that he is ready for that. I cannot 
   forget his words about the presumption of innocence of Pavel 
   Borodin, former manager of the Presidents administration. This 
   phrase is from that strange book by Putin, published before the 
   Why did he really appoint to an important state position a man 
   against whom the Swiss Police were seeking to bring a criminal case 
   - a case involving the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars 
   from Russia? Isnt it striking? And despite the clear answer, Putin 
   talks about presumption of innocence. But just several months 
   before, as the director of the FSB, he and Sergei Stepashin accused 
   General Prosecutor Yury Skuratov of malfeasance. That accusation 
   was shown on TV, though neither court nor investigators had proved 
   Skuratovs guilt. Putin was not concerned with presumption of 
   innocence then. He had to stop Kremlingate by any means. That 
   hypocrisy was also evident in some other episodes. So this gives no 
   confidence that the new President has come to fight corruption and 
   organized crime. In fact these two things have created the Mafia, 
   in the existence of which in Russia Putin does not believe.
   But if we analyze the management of the Foreign Relations 
   Department in St. Petersburg by then vice-mayor Putin, the 
   following picture can be seen: His directions promoted the 
   privatization of the citys most valuable structures, such as 
   casinos, ports, gas stations, and many others into the hands of the 
   most influential organized crime groups. There have been no 
   materials in the mass media until lately about Putins relationships 
   with organized crime. "Vedomosti" newspaper did not publish my 
   article about Putins machinations with issuing licenses and quotas 
   to export natural resources in early 1992. Among those whom Putin 
   gave licenses were representatives of organized crime. My 
   investigation only supplemented the materials on the investigation 
   by the Commission of St. Petersburg Deputies headed by Marina Salie.
   I have learned some interesting details lately. If there had been 
   no financial scandal in Liechtenstein, we would not know that 
   before the inauguration Putin had been an adviser to the German 
   company SPAG, which has close economic contacts with St. 
   Petersburg. Among the officials of the company are people who work 
   for various clans of the Colombian drug barons. Another adviser was 
   German Gref. After publication of these facts in Mond [Le Monde?] 
   and "Sovershenno Sekretno" (Top Secret) newspapers, there were no 
   refutations from the Presidents Administration. Another interesting 
   detail: The directors of some firms organised by SPAG in St. 
   Petersburg are the leaders of Tambovs organised crime grouping [the 
   Tambov mafia]. And one of the directors of SPAG has recently become 
   an official in the Presidents Administration, having been Putins 
   friend and partner for many years.
   I am not a specialist in the history of the secret services. My 
   journalistic investigations are connected with economic crimes. 
   Over time I have noticed that many of them are somehow connected 
   with former or present officers of the secret services. Sometimes 
   it seems that in the early 1990s former KGB officers were operating 
   in Russia as if it were foreign territory.
   I realize that Yeltsins first government, headed by Silayev, acted 
   in the same manner. This is very well explained in the first 
   edition of the book by Viktor Yaroshenko, the first Russian Foreign 
   Trade Minister. In the book he gives examples of real propaganda 
   and the manipulation of public opinion against Gorbachev. 
   Yaroshenko, however, viewed it as a political struggle within the 
   regime. But such explanations have no historical value.
   Soviet and Russian secret services must share the responsibility 
   for their many crimes committed in recent years. But the problem is 
   who represents these services? I guess there is nobody to address. 
   There is no such substance as collective will with management 
   responsibility for every officer. The degradation of Russian secret 
   services is not the lack of muscle among their officers. Furious 
   expressions on the faces are always ready. The issue is the lack of 
   will. First the Soviet regime, and now tiny salaries, have 
   accustomed our secret services to belonging to someone.
   Once, working for the Russian Telegraph, I agreed with the FSB 
   press service to do an interview with the head of the drug 
   department. I spent some time in the hall waiting for somebody to 
   escort me to this individual. In the hall I noticed a cash 
   dispenser located near the control checkpoint. I was surprised that 
   this machine belonged to the bank whose officials were connected 
   with organized crime  in particular with Vyacheslav Ivankov, 
   Yaponchik. Later I learned that the same bank also provided 
   services to external intelligence and other secret services and 
   even the state company for arms trading.
   This cash dispenser became for me a real symbol of the degradation 
   of the Russian secret services. I realise that the word hurts. But 
   we must speak in public about some cases. Here is another example 
   of such degradation. Officers of one of the FSB department did not 
   receive a salary for two months. They got nervous and the head of 
   the department decided to clear out everything. He began to trace 
   the money for the salary. Very soon some interested authorities 
   noticed his interest and explained to him the danger of getting 
   involved in other peoples affairs. The salary was paid though. But 
   it is clear that the money had first worked for someone else.
   The most interesting recent news in the mass media is a mass 
   joining of oligarchs to Arkady Volskys Russian Union of 
   Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Some policy experts say that they 
   need a lobbyist who can talk to Putin. But nobody asks the obvious 
   question: Why is Arkady Volsky the only one now who can put in a 
   word for oligarchs before the President? Nobody asks this question, 
   though it is a very important one.
   Here is this statement: "It has become known that in Moscow at the 
   Friday meeting of the board of directors of the Russian Union of 
   Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the following persons were 
   admitted to the Bureau of the union: Vladimir Potanin (Interros), 
   Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Ukos), Mikhail Friedman (Alfa group), Anatoly 
   Chubais (RAO YeES Rossii), Vladimir Yevtushenkov (AFK Sistema), 
   Alexander Mamut (IDM-bank), Oleg Deripaska (Russian Aluminium), 
   Khaha Bendukidze (United machine building plants), and other 
   representatives of large-scale business."
   And here are two statements of Volsky: "The state should actively 
   interfere into economic processes, because some problems cannot be 
   solved only on a market economy basis". The other is that Volsky 
   thinks that one of the main tasks of this union is "the 
   establishing of relationships between business and authorities". It 
   should be added "the right relationships".
   Mr. Volsky is a real patriarch of the epoch of "the conversion of 
   the KGB and military industrial complex of the USSR". If questions 
   about the party money and budget money of soviet economic super 
   enterprises were to be raised, these questions should be addressed 
   to Arkady Volsky. Besides the fact that he was Yury Andropovs 
   assistant, he belonged to the "priesthood" of the collapsing USSR. 
   I suspect that Volsky knows how and from what those whom we now 
   call oligarchs evolved, including Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris 
   Berezovsky, who now do not want to return to Russia. All the others 
   have silently returned to their so-called origins.
   In order to understand it, we should feel for a little while the 
   atmosphere of chaos that reined on the eve of the final collapse of 
   the USSR. As you know, there have been no textbooks published on 
   the topic Im going to tell you about, so there may be some 
   unintended chronological errors in the recounting.
   At the very beginning of perestroika, Gorbachev ordered the Soviet 
   secret services to concentrate their efforts on economic and 
   scientific-technological intelligence rather than on political. 
   Following those instructions the first main department of the KGB 
   began to organize enterprises abroad. As an example I can name the 
   Seabeco company with its branches in different countries all over 
   the world, including Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. The 
   company was importing toxic waste into Russia and thus Greenpeace 
   put it on its blacklist. It also organized foreign concerts of the 
   Soviet pop star Alla Pugacheva. Then Seabeco became one of the 
   largest traders operating in the USSR. Corruption scandals and 
   accusations of relationships with organized crime lay ahead for 
   Boris Birnstein.
   In 1987 they started organizing small companies in the USSR. They 
   were often co-operative firms or associations of external economic 
   partnerships. Those enterprises were based on the principle of 
   self-financing and were very active in external trade of the USSR. 
   In addition to officers of the secret services working in those 
   firms, there were officers of scientific research institutions of 
   the Academy of Science of the USSR and of State Committee on 
   Science and Technique. These two departments were the main 
   customers for the KGB and the GRU (military intelligence) in the 
   spheres of economic and scientific technological intelligence. At 
   the same time small enterprises (MP) and scientific technological 
   centres for youth (NTMTs), bound with party and Komsomol 
   nomenclature, were organized. Many MPs and NTMTs were trading 
   computers that were bought by foreign companies organized by soviet 
   intelligence officers.
   These enterprises had special benefits in contrast to co-operatives 
   organized by common citizens. For example, NTMTs were allowed  rare 
   at that time  to get cash from the State Bank for commercial 
   operations. Practically all other enterprises had to use cashless 
   settlements. As a result, those benefits were used by Komsomol 
   businessmen to convert money from the shadow economy. In fact 
   shadow economy was developing very rapidly due to the difference 
   between official prices and those of the black market. The 
   "Menatep" bank had its origins in such an NTMT. And its head, 
   Mikhail Khodorkovsky, became one of Russias oligarchs. It is due to 
   these benefits and the corruption of Komsomol leaders that NTMTs 
   became dependent on economic crime groups. A vivid example of it is 
   the history of "Alisa" stock exchange, which had functioned before 
   its bankruptcy in 1993 as a mixer of state and shadow money. The 
   "Alisa" stock exchange, too, was organized with the help of the 
   secret services.
   Some laws adopted by Gorbachev, like "the law on enterprises", 
   became the catalysts for criminalization of the economy. The fact 
   of the matter is that the law left intact enterprises of 
   centralized control, but did not supply them with a legal basis for 
   their development and existence. The officials of former state 
   enterprises were involved in a total plundering of state property. 
   Law enforcement bodies were helpless. In the late 1980s swindlers 
   sentenced for economic crimes were released from prisons, and many 
   economic crimes were just not registered. Criminals sensed that 
   process and began to actively participate in it. Organized crime 
   groupings started their activity and often acted as judges of the 
   economy. Racketeers demanded money from businessmen who, instead of 
   being the basis for a new economy, were assassinated for fictitious 
   debts or began to serve criminals. At that time we first began 
   hearing about assassinations that would become commonplace in 
   Russias market economy.
   In December 1990, when the Soviet secret services became aware of 
   the looming chaos and collapse of the Empire, two top-ranking party 
   members, Vladimir Ivashko and Nikolai Kruchina, with officers of 
   the first main department of the KGB (external intelligence), 
   organized a new department of the KGB which was to co-ordinate the 
   transferring of a major part of Communist Party money to the bank 
   accounts of the previously organized foreign enterprises.
   Such companies as Seabeco soon became the main middlemen for 
   transferring state properties and resources. As a rule it was done 
   in the same way that foreign communist parties had been financed: 
   export-import operations  fictitious companies formed by the KGB 
   which were called in the Russian mass media "Western partners" and 
   later "Western investors".
   Then in December 1990, the KGB chief Vladimir Kruchkov ordered the 
   organization of commercial structures aimed at concrete goals: In 
   the event the situation should develop as it did in Eastern 
   Germany, commercial structures could be shelters for top-ranking 
   party or secret service authorities. The secret services were 
   ordered to organize financing for secret service activity against 
   "destructive elements" ready to take power, and to mobilize agents 
   abroad and inside the country to fight phenomena "destabilizing" 
   the country.
   In one very interesting German report it was stated that in March 
   1991 after events in the Baltic republics and their separation from 
   the USSR, external intelligence suggested a plan to create about 
   600 joint enterprises managed by KGB officers and attached to the 
   Political Bureau of the Communist Party. Many of those joint 
   ventures were organized in the Baltic states and in such countries 
   as India and Israel. After the putsch in 1991, the process of 
   organizing such enterprises was speeded up. Agents abroad were 
   ordered "to use all contacts" to stay abroad by all means and to 
   get job in the organized commercial structure.
   Inside the country many KGB officers got positions in state 
   managing structures, in mass media structures, etc. The example of 
   the current Russian President Vladimir Putin is very interesting. 
   He started working as Anatoly Sobchaks deputy right after Kruchkovs 
   order. Although he had a job, Putin was still a KGB officer. [It 
   was and still is a regular practise that important business patrons 
   were accompanied by a political officer, a KGB agent reporting on 
   their activities.] After Sobchak became St. Petersburgs major, 
   Putin became the head of the powerful Foreign Relations Committee 
   of the city.
   Formed by Kruchkovs order, commercial enterprises financed the 
   operations of the intelligence and developed broad foreign economic 
   relations. Offshore zones were used to get profit from numerous 
   financial operations.
   That was the beginning of the Russian criminal economy. Like most 
   prominent world mafia organizations, the Russian Mafia started from 
   its loss to a stronger rival. In Russia that strong opponent was 
   the peoples desire to live in a free democratic state. 
   Unfortunately, many secret service officers did not immediately 
   understand this.
   The first political attempts of revenge came in 1992-93, when 
   Skokov, Volsky and Rutskoi organized the Civil Union Movement, but 
   society was not ready to accept the "newly born" left-centrists and 
   so their attempt failed. After that, economic struggle began. One 
   of the main participants of that struggle was the Union of 
   Industrialists and Entrepreneurs headed by Volsky and Shcherbakov.
   Following this same logic of political opposition, former and 
   present officers of the KGB secretly supported leaders of the 
   criminal world, especially those who grew out of the hooligan 
   groupings of the early 80s rather than from the traditional 
   criminal environment. Those groupings were able to "launder" the 
   racket money they received through structures and banks connected 
   with the KGB. The secret services supported organized crime, 
   manipulated it, turned against opponents, and turned itself into 
   organized crime.
   I want to give one vivid example illustrating the mutual blending 
   of the secret services with organized crime. "Natsionalny Kredit" 
   Bank finances large operations involving the movement of Colombian 
   cocaine through Russia and "laundering" criminal money. This is not 
   just the reciting of some reports of the foreign secret services. I 
   dedicated a great deal of time to investigating the activity of the 
   OLBI group headed by Yeltsins favourite banker, Oleg Boiko. This 
   bank, like many other companies and banks of the OLBI group, was 
   created with the assistance of the secret services. Cocaine was not 
   the only criminal project of the OLBI group. Various machinations 
   including those abroad, in which officials and partners of the OLBI 
   group were involved, reflect the economic history of Russia over 
   the last ten years. Some of those people are still wanted by the 
   FSB. Nevertheless, "Natsionalny Kredit" Bank financed the 
   "Democratic party" of Yegor Gaidar and the head of the bank, Oleg 
   Boiko, was a member of the "Kremlin family".
   I want to give you an example of how public opinion and some  and 
   not just Russian  politicians are manipulated.
   This is about one of the partners of Arkady Volsky and Viktor 
   Chernomyrdin  Grigory Luchansky. Tons of papers have been written 
   about that man. His name is in the reports of Western secret 
   services and most informative publications in the Western mass 
   media. He was the head of one of the largest companies organized by 
   Kruchkovs order. This is a group of Nordex companies registered in 
   Austria, Switzerland and other countries of Europe. Luchansky 
   obtained Israeli citizenship, but three years ago a representative 
   of Israels Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement explaining 
   why there was an official denial of the request to prolong the term 
   of Luchanskys passport validity. One of the main reasons was 
   international trade of armaments, including components of atomic 
   weapon. The representative did not give any evidence. He simply 
   announced the official position of the Israeli authorities.
   But in my report I want to tell just one story about Luchansky.
   Several years ago, after CIA director Deutsch openly announced 
   Nordexs relationships with Russian organized crime, Luchansky tried 
   to penetrate the U.S. political scene. He even managed to buy a 
   breakfast with Clinton during Clintons first election campaign.
   Severe resistance of the US secret services made Luchansky start 
   acting. Thats the way it was.
   In May 1994, Mr. Yegorov came to the USA to participate in hearings 
   on international organized crime operating on U.S. territory. He 
   also made a report there, in which he mentioned the Nordex Company 
   because a person arrested by the police in Moscow and suspected of 
   the murder of a policeman was a Nordex authority. The suspect 
   admitted it during interrogations. Mikhail Yegorov even mentioned 
   his name  Umar Vokov.
   Well, that was the first time that a high-ranking officer of 
   Russian law enforcement bodies publicly revealed the criminal 
   affairs of the Nordex company. The information immediately got into 
   the free mass media. But several months later on December 2, 1994, 
   Senator Sam Nunn, who was chairing the hearings, received a letter 
   from Vienna from Grigory Luchansky.
      "Dear Senator Nunn,
       In the report of the Russian Deputy Minister of Interior it was 
       stated that Mr. Vokovs brother  Umar  who was in Vienna and 
       suspected of illegal activity, was the President of the Austrian 
       company Nordex. (...) We are very concerned about that statement 
       and its implication, because neither Mr. Vokov nor his brother 
       Umar have been or are stockholders, directors, or any other 
       officer of our company or any other company related to ours. 
       That is why we contacted the RF Interior Ministry and we attach 
       the answer received from the Ministry that, I hope, will clear 
       up the situation (...)."
   Then Luchansky explains to the senator that Nordex is a large 
   trading house in Vienna and has no contacts with organized crime or 
   any other illegal activity. At the end of the letter Luchansky asks 
   to include his letter and the official answer from the RF Interior 
   Ministry into the official text of the hearing before it is 
   published  "to make clear the reputation of Nordex and its 
   partners", added Luchansky.
   Grigory Emmanuilovich must have really strong nerves or contacts 
   that enabled him to receive an answer of the Interior Ministry with 
   apologies concerning a mistake in the English translation of the 
   report. The Interior Ministry, in the person of General Gorchakov, 
   the head of the International Relations Department, expressed deep 
   regret that in the translation of Yegorovs report into English some 
   important words were missing which resulted in a misunderstanding 
   of some statements.
   Valery Gorchakov told Luchansky that Umar Bokov had revealed his 
   affiliation with Nordex only during interrogations. But he was 
   interrogated as a witness in the case of a policemans murder. 
   "Expressing our regret about the mistake made, we declare that the 
   RF Interior Ministry has no grounds and intentions to associate the 
   Nordex company and its president Grigory Luchansky with illegal 
   business and with international trade in particular."
   Luchanskys nerves are really strong because in the answer of the 
   Interior Ministry the matter concerns Mr. Bokov rather than Mr. 
   Vokov. Senator Nunn should have considered the spelling and 
   everything might have been different. I really could not find Bokov 
   in the Austrian constituent documents of Nordex. But according to 
   the data of the Moscow registration chamber, Umar Bokov is a head 
   of "BNM" company in Moscow. "BNM" company seemed to be a fictitious 
   firm for special operations. It belongs to the Austrian company "B 
   & N" with headquarters in Vienna at the same address as the Nordex 
   company  Prinz Eugenstrasse 32. At that time there were no other 
   firms at that address except for Nordex.
   We may call it a mysterious coincidence, along with the fact that a 
   firm with the same name exists in Budapest. But it has only a bank 
   account, through which the money of the Solntsevo organized crime 
   group was "laundered". This firm appears in other materials of the 
   FBI concerning "Organization of Semyon Mogilyovich" and 
   "Organization of Ivankov".
   At last, as if to put an end to "coincidences", Mr. Bokov appeared 
   in the beginning of February 1995 on Mr. Luchanskys birthday party 
   that was held in Israel. Among the guests were many interesting 
   people and 150 from Russia, including some now very well known 
   The most sad or funny thing is the fact that practically at the 
   same time as the party was being held, Senator Nunn was giving 
   orders to include the written denials of Luchansky concerning his 
   contacts with "Vokov" as well as the letter from the RF Interior 
   Ministry (MVD) into the materials of the hearing on organized 
   crime. The senator personally answered Luchansky. And he even 
   thanked him for the letter from the MVD.
   Soon after that, General Valery Gorchakov, who had done such a 
   favour to Luchansky, became a co-founder in the "TOPAZ" security 
   firm, 96% of which belonged to the "Scientific complex of 
   realization of conversion projects", whose founder was the Austrian 
   company Nordex. The most interesting fact was that "TOPAZ" was 
   founded several days after Senator Nunn had rejected Mr. Yegorovs 
   By that time the FBI had an analytical report on Russian organized 
   crime concerning the Ivankov-Yaponchik organisation. The Nordex 
   Company was mentioned in that report 13 times, along with Otari 
   Kvantrishvili, who had a direct connection to the OLBI group 
   activity. Thats the reality.
   The above is an episode from the history of criminalization of the 
   Soviet-Russian secret services. There has been no improvement since 
   the beginning of the 90s.
   Finally, if Mr. Putin was appointed by the family, I would advise 
   him to be concerned with the oligarchs joining the Russian Union of 
   Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. If he is a member of "an 
   operation of infiltration of the secret services into the Russian 
   government", there is nothing to worry about. If the second version 
   is correct, the only thing he has to do to re-establish state order 
   is to shed lots of blood to throw off the criminal ballast of the 
   oligarchs. Dictatorship of law will be of no use here. As far as 
   those roguish "saviours of Russia" are concerned, it is enough to 
   tell them something in the low and trained voice of the KGB 
   officer. And after several years of "state control", the citizens 
   of Russia and Belarus will "fall asleep", the country become 
   stronger, and the world will be two poles again. There will be no 
   corruption, and "respected thieves" will return to prisons; the 
   bureaucrats will take bribes, but not large ones.
   As far as all of us are concerned, I dont even know what to say.
   * * *
   Vladimir Ivanidze is an independent journalist writer for 
   "Sevodnya" and "Top Secret" (Sovershenno Sekretno). This articles 
   source is the Independent Information Centre "Glasnost", Caucasus 

Best Regards,

Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist
crashrecovery.org  stock@stokkie.net

[1] "Warrant Issued for Greenspans Arrest"
Madoff-Gate Update
by Tom Heneghan,

International Intelligence Expert
Wednesday February 11, 2009
http://crashrecovery.org/forrestal/Warrant Issued for Greenspans Arrest Madoff.htm

[2] "The Eurasian Politician - Issue 4 (August 2001)
By: Vladimir Ivanidze

Source: The Independent Information Centre Glasnost - Caucasus
http://crashrecovery.org/forrestal/RUSSIAN SECRET SERVICES AND THE MAFIA.htm

[3] "Judea, Samaria & peace
the Dirty War Against the Settlers"

a video lecture by Barry Chamish,
pt 1 ~ Jan 21, 2009 19:30h : http://blip.tv/file/1689803
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